Weimar Organ Summer

until 29 September 2024, City Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Photo: weimar GmbH

In 1953, Johannes Ernst Köhler launched the "Hour of Organ Music". Since then, weekly organ concerts have been held every year between Whitsun and Thanksgiving at this tradition-steeped venue, which have enjoyed great popularity.

Organ music has a special significance at the place where Herder preached, Melchior Vulpius and Johann Gottfried Walther worked for decades and Bach came and went during his Weimar years, probably also playing his organ works, which were composed here - this is one of the reasons why the festival, now called "Organ Summer", attracts many artists and visitors from near and far.


church of St. Peter and Paul (Herderchurch)

Herderplatz 8

every sunday 6 pm






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